Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Traditions

Since this is our first holiday season away from our friends and family in Washington, Kyle and I are coming up with our new family traditions. Some will change as Sora gets older (I am excited for an advent "calendar" like the Dyks do next year), and some will change as Kyle and I change our minds. So far, the biggest hit, one that for now we vow to always keep, is homemade eggnog. Neither of us had made it before, but I found a recipe that we couldn't refuse.

Happy Holidays!


Amy said...

oooh, that looks so tasty! I have a love affair with Eggnog and have to hide it behind things in the back of the fridge so that I don't just drink the whole carton throughout the day. So good in my coffee...

Lori said...

That picture makes me want to jump in and visit!

I can't wait for you to do the advent calendar so I can steal some of your ideas. :)

Merry Christmas.