Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Visits

One of the gentlemen who works with Kyle dresses up each year as Santa and visits local families. He even brings his daughter as an elf! So, when he called and offered his services, we were super excited. I had hoped to be able to have Sora meet Santa first to see how she would react, but the local Santa arrival was delayed by the big blizzard we had a few weeks ago, and we didn't know that they had rescheduled.

Had Sora met Santa before Christmas Eve, I would have found out how terrified she is of him, and we might have skipped the whole Santa-at-our-house experience.  As I had no such knowledge, we welcomed them with open arms.

Santa did an amazing job of sounding realistic when he arrived, complete with sleigh bells and a short discussion with his reindeer, who of course had to wait outside. Once Santa was inside, Sora clung to me for dear life.
 I thought the presents Santa brought might win her over, but she refused to take them directly from Santa.

 She did look semi-unafraid for a millisecond before the picture was snapped, but it didn't last long enough!
Sorry for tormenting you Sora. Maybe next year will be better.

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