Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sora and Daddy's Morning Adventure

This morning Maleah needed some time to work on some projects so Sora and I decided that we would go explore the world outside. We had  a great morning and Sora was really fun. I brought the camera along and captured most of the fun.

 Sledding has become Sora's absolutely favorite way to travel. She is really good at holding on. We sledded all the way down to the lake so she could go for her first exploration on the ice.

 So in Wisconsin there is this crazy thing called ice fishing. This is a portable ice fishing shack out on the lake. There was only one today but I am told there will be tons of them soon.

 Sora's first steps walking on water. She was not a big fan of the deep snow on the lake.

 A view of camp from the lake. It is so crazy to walk on a lake that I will swim in later.

 She still has not decided what she thinks of all of this taxidermy business.

 Walking in the snow is tough work and Sora was happy to sit and have some water while we had a mid adventure break.

 We stopped in my office to look for some fun and Sora decided she was going to take a net and start catching things around the office. Here she has snagged a hockey puck.
 Sora's favorite game is called Mr. Mouth. She loves to try and throw the chips into the spinning mouth. A great 80's game.

Grammy Barney sent us a little elf that sits on the shelf. It came with a great story book and will be a fantastic new Christmas tradition. We found this elf with all of the Christmas presents from Grammy Barney at my office. Sora named the elf Back Back. That is how she says quack quack.

 The dining hall has a room on the side that has this old piano. Sora may not be baby Mozart but she did really enjoy playing some tunes for me.

 Santa Sora thought it would be fun to put all of the presents that got delivered on her "sleigh" so she could deliver them to our house.

  I spent some time teaching Sora about winter camouflage. As you can see she became a master.

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