Thursday, December 16, 2010

Staying Warm

While temperatures here have been colder than I even knew the thermostat went, we have been staying nice and toasty here at casa McPherson! Kyle has been making a lot of fires in our fireplace for us, and Sora is fascinated by them. She "helps" daddy by handing him crumpled scrap paper from the basket, but is very good about staying away when Kyle lights the fire and when the fire is burning.

She isn't as good about staying away from presents.
Here she is "helping" mommy with the presents that we mailed. I think she had some ulterior motives. Despite Sora's helpfulness, I was still able to mail the presents on time. One of the great benefits of living in such a small town is that there is never a line at the post office. Also, they're super friendly! And, of course, we stopped at the library on the way to the post office. I love that the librarians know our names.
Sora has been playing some silly games lately. This seemed like a warm one. She likes to play nap with her doll and teddy. This game is at random times and is never anywhere near nap time. If I treat it too seriously, she gets upset because she thinks it really is nap time! Silly girl!
I've been having a hard time getting Sora to go outside lately. I know it's cold, but she has plenty of warm clothes. I think part of the problem is that she doesn't want to have to put them all on! After a week inside, I had enough. I bundled Sora up despite her loud protests and took her on a sled ride. She must have gotten all the tantrums out inside because once we were outside, she was fine. Kyle took a quick break from work and took Sora on her first ride down the sled hill. The snow is still pretty powdery, so it was a pretty slow run, but I think Sora loved it! There will be more of that to come, I am sure. When it was finally time to come inside, she wanted to stay outside. I'm glad she came around to tolerate/enjoy the snow. I thought I was going to go crazy if I had to stay inside all winter!

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