Monday, January 31, 2011

Team McPherson Basement

In case you aren't sick of our videos yet...

Here's one taken in our newly decorated basement. Maleah is trying to increase Sora's indoor play space since it's so freaking cold outside!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Video Star Part five

This video was shot after the camera was left in the car and was very cold. It kept fogging up but Sora was being so cute.

Sora fix

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daddy's home!

Friday, Sora and I went down south to pick up Kyle from his conference. He had been gone all week, so I was anxious to have him home. Sora has been acting really strange and needing a lot of extra attention and I was desperate to share the load with Kyle. Plus, I missed him of course.

I forgot to take the camera, but it was such a fun day (especially when you consider that we drove for 5 hours) that I had to share. We started off by hitting up Rainbow Rompers at the YMCA in Green Bay. We try to take advantage of our free membership whenever we can, so it was great timing that the nearest Y (still an hour away) has this preschool playtime where Sora could run and slide and watch other kids play. We only made it for 30 minutes since we were late, but she still loved it. Next we headed next door to the library. The libraries here have a ton of toys and puzzles and things to do, so Sora cooked in the kitchen, played with another little girl, and had a great time. Then, it was off to one of my favorite grocery stores for some driving snacks.

We got in the car and drove another hour south to Sheboygan. I had never been there and it totally exceeded my expectations. There was even a drive through Starbucks! We hit up the children's museum which was cheap and very very cool. My favorite part was a giant miniature circus that worked entirely by holding up small reflective cards to little glass windows around the circus. Each window made something different (lights, music, etc) work.  I will definitely be stopping there again whenever I'm in Sheboygan (which might not be very often).

After we played for a while, we headed a little further south to pick up Kyle. Sora was upset at first (I think she was mad at him for being gone so long), but they had a long drive back home to reconnect in the back seat while I drove.

Now, Kyle is back at home and Sora is finally back to her normal happy temperament (and is also finally sleeping better as well)! All is right in the world.

And for those of you who need a picture, here is Sora in her new duck outfit that she inherited from a new friend. 
I promise, she's more excited about it than she looks!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sora back in Sea Town

 Sora got to spend a day with Grandma and Poppa McPherson while on the trip back home. She really like going to Serious Pie(thank you Grandma) and had fun in general. Here are the great pics that Poppa took.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vacation Part 2

Sora and I got home from our trip on Monday night, and everything went smoothly. We enjoyed less than 24 hours in Washington before heading down to California, but in that time we snuck in a visit with Mimi, Sora's former nanny, and Sarah, her grand daughter. We also saw my grandma who drove us to the airport.

The weather in California was beautiful each day we were there. Santa Barbara was the perfect vacation destination with a toddler. She loved walking on the pier, visiting the zoo, and playing at nearby parks. We also stopped at a huge library (because no vacation would be complete without a library visit) and a nature preserve near the airport before we headed back to Washington.

When we got back to Washington, we got to spend a few days with friends and family before heading home to Wisconsin. Sora seems to have grown up on the trip, even though it was only 10 days long! She seems like a much older, smarter kid than when we left. 

Unfortunately, Kyle had to leave for a conference before we got back and won't be home until Friday. Sora has been acting very funky since we came home with a ton of crying, a fever, and a lot of drooling. Hopefully she feels better soon!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Before Kyle and I decided to up and move our family to the midwest, we had planned on a California vacation with my parents in January. Since Kyle couldn't go, Sora and I decided to go without him. Sora loved Santa Barbara just as much as I expected her to!

The weather was great - mid to high 60s and sunny the whole time (except for about 2 hours where Sora kept saying "dibble dopp" when it rained).

Sora loved exploring the rocks and shells on the beach. She played tag with the tide. The tide won, but barely.
Sora rode on her first antique carousel. To my suprise, she loved it!
We also explored Solvang, a nearby Danish village. It reminded me of Lynden, my hometown, but more tourist focused. Sora had fun running in the town square. Here she is practicing her princess walk.
On the way home, we stopped at a California staple, In n Out. Sora devoured her first burger! She preferred the fries (no surprise there), but liked the burger too.
Look for a recap of more adventures soon! In the meantime, Sora and I are now in Washington enjoying some time with family before heading back to Wisconsin.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

23 Months

I am still in serious denial that my baby girl is almost 2! We have had a fantastic month and Sora gets more adorable and smarter every day (spoken like a true mother, I know). She is getting taller and more agile and is able to do things that surprise me all the time. She puts her own dishes in the sink now (I'm still waiting for her to wash them... I think that is still a ways off). She has started waking up from naps with less confusion, and there have been a few times that she has caught me by surprise by walking into the room I am in rather than just sitting in her bed crying. She is busy making food in her new kitchen and has added names of rooms to her word repertoire. She loves helping and imagination. She likes animals, but not in real life as much as in stuffed and pretend life. She just started demanding "cony" (for pony tail) but doesn't like to actually leave the pony in.

 She is a great imitator and loves her daddy and mommy. She's a velcro toddler in the morning and only mommy will do, but once she warms up she loves sharing and showing things and being a funny, fun loving kid. Her daddy has taught her some great things, like dunking bread into her soup (and she loves soup).
 This is proof that my kid will really eat almost anything. We feel very fortunate that Sora is such an adventurous eater. I try to give her things that even I don't like (like Brussels sprouts and oranges) and things Kyle doesn't like (like beets) and so far, the only thing that she really doesn't like yet is leafy greens. Kyle made a delicious Kale Leek Bean soup with turkey in which he blended the kale into a amazing puree and Sora loved it. She is a great eater, despite her tiny stature.
So there you go. Great, funny, energetic 23 month old who makes every day happier for me and Kyle.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Toddler Explosion

Sora has exploded into a kid and is definitely no longer a baby. Over the past week she has added a ton of words to her vocabulary and is starting to string them into longer and longer phrases. Today, for example, she said "Don't wanna go outside", followed by putting her hands in her pockets (Kyle taught her that for when she's not wearing mittens) and saying "go outside". She also has more and more opinions about everything and she is starting to mimic a lot of actions and words. Her favorite new book is Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? 

Here she decided that she wanted to pose for the camera. It looks like she has to pee, but I think that's just how she poses. She loves to see the picture in the review screen. How did anyone get a toddler to pose before digital cameras?
 Here she is riding her new elephant (Horton). There was a shortage of horses around, so the elephant had to do!