Thursday, January 6, 2011

23 Months

I am still in serious denial that my baby girl is almost 2! We have had a fantastic month and Sora gets more adorable and smarter every day (spoken like a true mother, I know). She is getting taller and more agile and is able to do things that surprise me all the time. She puts her own dishes in the sink now (I'm still waiting for her to wash them... I think that is still a ways off). She has started waking up from naps with less confusion, and there have been a few times that she has caught me by surprise by walking into the room I am in rather than just sitting in her bed crying. She is busy making food in her new kitchen and has added names of rooms to her word repertoire. She loves helping and imagination. She likes animals, but not in real life as much as in stuffed and pretend life. She just started demanding "cony" (for pony tail) but doesn't like to actually leave the pony in.

 She is a great imitator and loves her daddy and mommy. She's a velcro toddler in the morning and only mommy will do, but once she warms up she loves sharing and showing things and being a funny, fun loving kid. Her daddy has taught her some great things, like dunking bread into her soup (and she loves soup).
 This is proof that my kid will really eat almost anything. We feel very fortunate that Sora is such an adventurous eater. I try to give her things that even I don't like (like Brussels sprouts and oranges) and things Kyle doesn't like (like beets) and so far, the only thing that she really doesn't like yet is leafy greens. Kyle made a delicious Kale Leek Bean soup with turkey in which he blended the kale into a amazing puree and Sora loved it. She is a great eater, despite her tiny stature.
So there you go. Great, funny, energetic 23 month old who makes every day happier for me and Kyle.

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Anonymous said...

great pictures I can't believe how long her hair is. See you soon.