Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daddy's home!

Friday, Sora and I went down south to pick up Kyle from his conference. He had been gone all week, so I was anxious to have him home. Sora has been acting really strange and needing a lot of extra attention and I was desperate to share the load with Kyle. Plus, I missed him of course.

I forgot to take the camera, but it was such a fun day (especially when you consider that we drove for 5 hours) that I had to share. We started off by hitting up Rainbow Rompers at the YMCA in Green Bay. We try to take advantage of our free membership whenever we can, so it was great timing that the nearest Y (still an hour away) has this preschool playtime where Sora could run and slide and watch other kids play. We only made it for 30 minutes since we were late, but she still loved it. Next we headed next door to the library. The libraries here have a ton of toys and puzzles and things to do, so Sora cooked in the kitchen, played with another little girl, and had a great time. Then, it was off to one of my favorite grocery stores for some driving snacks.

We got in the car and drove another hour south to Sheboygan. I had never been there and it totally exceeded my expectations. There was even a drive through Starbucks! We hit up the children's museum which was cheap and very very cool. My favorite part was a giant miniature circus that worked entirely by holding up small reflective cards to little glass windows around the circus. Each window made something different (lights, music, etc) work.  I will definitely be stopping there again whenever I'm in Sheboygan (which might not be very often).

After we played for a while, we headed a little further south to pick up Kyle. Sora was upset at first (I think she was mad at him for being gone so long), but they had a long drive back home to reconnect in the back seat while I drove.

Now, Kyle is back at home and Sora is finally back to her normal happy temperament (and is also finally sleeping better as well)! All is right in the world.

And for those of you who need a picture, here is Sora in her new duck outfit that she inherited from a new friend. 
I promise, she's more excited about it than she looks!

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Don & DeeEtta said...

The duck is way cute! I met someone the other day who has a relative living in Shebogan.