Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day in the Life

Sora is at such a fun age! She is understanding so much and is able to communicate a lot. She just recently started really remembering people's names and it's fun to see when she thinks of certain people (grandmas and great grandmas, she "calls" you on a daily basis to say that she's "okay"). She is in constant motion but is starting to understand that some times you can't go crazy (which is literally something she does when Kyle says "go crazy"). 

Last weekend, we explored a nearby town by eating at a diner (where Sora played with crayons):

Then we went to their museum. It was pretty cold out, so we didn't explore their train too much, but we did get some cute pictures:

Inside, she was really good about letting us hold her the whole time while we learned all about the history of the town and nearby area, complete with going to "school".

Sora's getting good at entertaining herself a little more. Here she is playing with one of her favorite finger puppets (named "guy") and baby. She often naps with guy and plays with him before falling asleep.
To end our weekend, we went to play broom ball at a nearby ice rink. We ended up playing ice soccer instead and Sora and I played our own mini-version while Kyle played with the grownups. Sora loved it! Until, of course she got cold. Then she hated it. Afterwards, we went to lunch at a friend's house where Sora played with their child's toys and pushed her around. As we left, Sora said goodbye to the toys rather than the other child. I guess social nuances aren't her strong point yet!

Not sure what mid-western hijinks we'll find next, but we'll find some soon, I promise! 

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