Friday, February 11, 2011

Sora's all grown up!

Sora and I spent the day in "town" yesterday on an epic Mother-Daughter day running errands and being all grown up.

First up was the doctor's office for Sora's 2 year check up. Sora weighed in at 23 lbs 2 oz (with a wet diaper on - so a little under 23 lbs naked) and was 34.25" tall. This puts her at the 50th percentile for height and the 10th percentile for weight. No surprises there. She was afraid of the doctor, also no surprises there. And she didn't cry at the finger poke/blood draw until she had a band-aid on and wanted it off.
 Next up was her first salon hair cut. We went to one of those kids salons where Kyle predicted they would pacify her with TV. He was right. Now that she's officially 2, I don't care quite as much if she watches 5 minutes of TV while her hair is getting cut, but still a little disappointing. Here she is enjoying a snack of pears afterwards.
 Behind her you can see the pink car she "rode" in during her cut and the "choo-choo" she played with before and afterwards. The hairdresser did french braids with sparkles and I was thoroughly impressed. The bonus is that this was literally half the price the same service in Seattle would have cost.
 Next we went to a fabric store and to an amazing bakery all in the same building. We bought 2 cookies, a scone (which Sora is eating), a day old chocolate croissant, a treat for Kyle, and a chai tea for less than $8. Another reason I love Wisconsin!

 After our snack, we went to a nearby toy store, which is our new favorite! I am a toy snob, even though I rarely buy anything for Sora, so it is hard to find a store that sells the brands that I like best. Sora did score a new finger puppet, a magnet toy, and some paint.

Sora fell asleep almost immediately on our way home for a good  nap, although I didn't get to nap since I had to drive an hour to get home. When we got home, we made valentine's day treats for the camp staff.
 We relaxed at the end of a busy day, complete with dinner in the dining hall with daddy and about 80 kids, by doing puzzles in Sora's new beanbag chair (thanks again Grandma Barney).

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Nice hair I couldn't have done that.