Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sora's Birthday Weekend

Sora's 2nd birthday fell on a Monday this year, so we celebrated all weekend long. On Thursday night, we went to pick up Grandma Barney from the airport. The Green Bay airport is my favorite airport ever! It's small and parking is cheap and you can wait ALMOST at the gate! Sora ran around and played while we waited and we could even see the plane pull up to the gate. Bonus: I also got a ton of errands done before the airport!

Sora loves to eat, so on Friday, we went to our favorite nearby restaurant (which of course is a bar that happens to cater mainly to snowmobilers).

Sora's current favorite food is soup. She'll eat almost anything, but if she thinks it's soup, she'll like it even more! I think that's why she loves yogurt in the morning as well. She devours bowl after bowl of yogurt in the morning and soup at lunchtime.

Grandma Barney came bearing presents! Here is Sora showing off her new ballerina finger puppet and her new Central Washington University sweatshirt. Kyle loves this sweatshirt and has made Sora wear it almost everyday since.

Oh, and Grandma Barney does hair too! She came up with this ingenious idea (which should be patented) to let Sora sit on the bathroom counter with her feet in the sink and the water running to keep her occupied. Sora has been asking for braids or "conies" almost every day since Grandma left so she must have loved it!

Every morning that grandma was here, Sora would wake up and say "book. grandma" and run to the bookshelf for a book or two and then run to the guest room to have grandma read her a morning story.

For Sora's actual birthday we had a sledding theme party. Sora loved sledding with daddy!

After she got too cold and snowy, we headed inside for cupcakes and other fun. I bought a tub of insta-snow and filled a big under bed storage box with the snow and other sandbox toys. It was a huge hit. Between that, some window clings, and just running around the dining hall, all of Sora's friends had fun and Sora had a blast!

After Sora's nap, we opened presents from family members (her party was a no-present party which worked very well and allowed me to invite more people). Sora loved her books and turtle from Grandma & Papa D, her stamps from great grandma, and her record player from her other grandma and papa.

This picture also shows off the sweet shirt I sewed and screen printed for her birthday (notice the sledder on the snowy 2).

That evening, we headed over to the Fish-o-Rama at the lake we live on. The entire lake is of course frozen over and everyone is out ice fishing and driving all over the ice. It's hard to see in the first picture, but there's almost a little town out on the lake! There are roads as well since there is still snow all over the lake. Kyle was excited to drive across the lake which of course freaked me and Grandma Debi out.

Kyle's favorite ice fishing shanty.

That night, there were fireworks which we could hear from our house but didn't go see. This is an annual thing for the Fish-o-Rama, so hopefully we'll catch them next year. The Fish-o-Rama was one of the most midwestern experiences we took Grandma Debi to. There was a "warming" building where everyone was drinking cheap beer and standing around (on a crazy muddy concrete floor) with tickets hoping they would win a giant package of bacon.

Sunday, we went to Green Bay and showed Debi the sights while she took Sora birthday shopping and we played at the YMCA kid zone. We watched the first quarter of the big game in Green Bay, but it wasn't really the huge Packers experience I had hoped for. We drove home in time to see the half time show and rest of the game. In the words of Sora, "Go Pats Go".

Sora was in an awesome mood all weekend and we had a ton of fun! She was pretty warn out by Monday and showed us how cranky she could be, but overall a happy two year old!


Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time visitin and bein there for Sora's birthday and hope to make it there again but maybe when it's a little warmer. Thanks for the awesome Wisconsin experience!

Don & DeeEtta said...

I love the "ponies". And the birthday shirt!