Monday, February 21, 2011

Tot School: S is for Sora

We've noticed that Sora has started learning a lot lately. She is still saying new words all the time and has started recognizing colors and a few letters as well. She's even begun counting. To help challenge Sora and to help keep her sanity, Maleah came across the idea of Tot School. She is running full force ahead and so far, she and Sora are loving it. 

Last week was a trial run, and this week they are in full force. This week's theme is the letter S. Maleah made 4 Tot Trays (in the box lids below) and a small sensory bin for Sora for the week. The trays and bin will rotate on a regular basis. 

Here's a close up of the sensory bin. It is full of S's and things that start with S (spoon, stamps, stars, snowflakes, and seashells). The filler is rainbow rice that Maleah made.

Here is Sora using one of her tot trays. This one involves transferring marbles with the spoon from one container to the Mancala board.

Here is Sora enjoying her sensory bin. Maleah is still working with her on the concept of not dumping everything onto the floor, so some things get put away for a while throughout the day. She's usually really good, but when she gets bored she starts making trouble (like her dad).

In addition to the trays and bin, Maleah tries to do 3-5 planned activities a day with Sora. That's a lot, so they don't always get to that many and they aren't always a hit with Sora (when that's the case they skip that activity). Here is Sora finger painting. Maleah sprinkled salt all over it for a shimmery look (and lots of s's). I oddly love to see Sora finger paint. I think she may be a female Rembrandt.

Another tot tray. This one involves putting pipe cleaners into a tennis ball container by color. Sora's pretty good with her colors but needs some practice with her fine motor skills.

Sora glued stripes on an S. She liked it more than she appears to in the photo, I promise. Today, she also sorted seashells (big hit - she can do bumpy and smooth and big and little), and sorted big and little stars (which Sora didn't really like so it didn't last long).

Sora's wall of craftiness. She's really proud of it and will randomly talk about something up there. Usually she made it for dad.  It is really sweet to have her point out the art she made me.

Here are some videos of her enjoying a tot tray and her sensory bin.
I am at work for most of Tot School but it sure seems fun. I think Sora is lucky to have such a fun teacher at school. 

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