Tuesday, February 15, 2011


In an attempt to beat the winter blues, we packed the Jeep and headed to a nearby 1st Annual Winterfest last Saturday. The town that was hosting the festival had just come to camp, so Kyle actually knew one of the organizers since he was a chaperone with the school group. It was small, but very festive, as many local events seem to be.  The big draw for us was the chili contest. There were 5 to taste, but most were delicious and we got to vote for our favorite. Kyle of course took notes as this was a very serious task. Sora liked all of them (not surprising), but the ones with beans were her favorites.

The weather was relatively warm and sunny! The outside attractions included a Chilly Cheeks Fun Run (which my father would have dominated - there were less than 10 runners total), gator rides, a snowy chip contest (golfing), and a ham shot put. Kyle dominated the shot put and won first place with an impressive 53 feet throw of one giant ham! Sora tried as well, but her shot was much less impressive.

She loved it though and would have done it all day if we would have let her!

After we were done, we made a quick stop at the pharmacy which has an impressive selection of fabric, craft supplies, and toys for such a small town. Kyle was thrilled that Sora was drawn to the army men and helicopter toys.

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