Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cross Country Skiing at last!

In my picture perfect view of what our first Midwestern winter would hold, I imagined a lot of ice skating, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing, with a little broom ball, sledding, snow fort building, and snow ball fights mixed in. This of course is not a reality with a 2 year old. I'm hoping as Sora gets older, we get to experience more and more of these things.  I didn't realize how cold it really is and also how dry the snow is (which makes it hard to make a snowman, snow fort, or even a snowball). I also didn't realize that a camp that has everything wouldn't have Kyle's size in anything! 

Imagine my surprise when we came across a pair of ski boots that actually fit Kyle at Goodwill last weekend! They were cheap and perfect! Okay, they've already had to be duct taped together, but that just makes them cooler right? We went out for a quick family cross country ski this afternoon and it was the first time I enjoyed the snow in March! Although I'm hoping that spring comes soon, I am excited to sneak in a few more quick ski jaunts around camp before the snow entirely melts (which sadly is still a LONG time away).

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