Monday, March 28, 2011

Funny Phases

Sora is learning new things so quickly and is going through several funny phases, which I know will be gone and forgotten about soon. I wanted to share them so that I will remember them later!

  • Showers! For some reason, one night she requested a shower instead of her nightly bath and she hasn't taken a bath for over a week since. She showers with the curtain open and Kyle or I helping her (mostly Kyle). It has really helped with rinsing her hair, which had become a big battle.
  • Excuses! I love excuses because they help easily explain why she can't have what she wants. She has started to pick up on some common themes, so when she doesn't get her way, she usually knows it's because of: "library" (when she wants a book she can't have), "grocery shopping" (when she wants more food that she can't have), "daddy office" (when she wants to know where daddy is). It takes a lot of the tantrum out of her disappointments.
  • Camera - this one is less than adorable. She knows that you can see the pictures on the back of the camera, but doesn't fully understand that we have to take her picture first. This one has ended in many meltdowns. Here is one of said meltdowns.

  • Running! She loves this game she made up, but now somehow it involves her sitting while Kyle and I run. Not sure how that happened, and we'll be putting an end to that one soon!
  • Doing everything for herself! She can put on her own pants, socks, baby legs, and shirts. She's still working on shoes, but she has to try to do it herself for a while before deciding mom or dad can do it instead. This has trickled over (ha - potty pun!) into her potty training. We started last Monday and I think we're almost officially done. It was the perfect timing apparently since she is so independent these days. She has decided though that she would rather go on the toilet than in her potty chair, which makes sense since Kyle and I use the toilet and not the potty chair (sorry for the funny mental picture). Here she is studying up on the potty subject. I got a bunch of books from the library about it, but had to cut her off after Kyle and I were sick of reading the same potty books OVER and OVER.
  • Playing! She is getting more imaginative and fun with Kyle, as well as more sweet and loving to the baby we watch twice a week. She is getting more into her "projects" and has mastered several things already. What a smartie :).  Here is Super Daddy, Super Sora, and Super Baby.

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Anonymous said...

Sora's meltdown pics are excellent. I love them.