Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing Up So Fast!!

Kyle and I take turns getting up with Sora on the weekends since her idea of sleeping in is not the same as ours. Sunday I woke up and came out to a super hero musical. Sora and Kyle were saving the living room from the evil cow (which you can see in the background below). Sora did a lot of dancing which led to the musical aspect of the super hero role play.

 It was great to see them engaged in such fun, imaginative play! Over the past few weeks, it seems like Sora has grown up so much! She has learned how to put on her own pants and socks (but can't pull them up all the way quite yet). She is definitely right handed though because she struggles with one foot every time, but the other one is super easy for her to do.

Her hair is crazy lately so we've been trying to encourage pigtails ("conies") more often. They make her look so old! She is definitely in a "Sora do it" stage, which is great. On Sunday, when we came home from a birthday party, she chose to go pee on her "green potty" three times in a row! That was followed by three pees on the floor, but it kick started us into potty training mode. Today, she didn't wear diapers and didn't have any accidents! I had very low expectations, because I didn't want to be disappointed about when she potty trained, and I'm still skeptical (again, I'd rather be skeptical than pushy) but she had a great first day! She'll be going to college before we know it!

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