Monday, March 14, 2011

Stuffed Animal Promiscuity

As a part of Sora's evening routine, she gets to pick 3 animals or dolls to sleep with each night. Part of Kyle's evening routine is to be entertained by Sora as she hems and haws over this tough choice. She typically starts off the decision making process by announcing who hasn't made the cut for the evening. "Mmm... no hippi (hippo).... no guy" is how she started off today. Keep in mind that hippi and guy are among her favorite bed mates and often do make the cut. I'd love to know how her decisions are made. Did hippi and guy do something during the day that demoted them in her eyes? Does she just like to play the field? Keep her options open? Or is she still searching for a deeper connection?

Tonight she eventually settled on a handmade doll, a knit teddy bear, and a knit owl (all mommy creations - I'm so proud). Each night a different trio is selected and gets the privilege of sleeping on her bed or on her floor nearby. At the end of our routine, Sora places her pillow on my lap and adjusts the three animals or dolls just so, carefully picking the one that will spend most of the night snuggled up closely with her, before I sing her favorite lullaby (the ABCs) and place her pillow back on the bed for her to sleep on.

The upside of this apparent lack of bond with any one animal or doll is that at bedtime when one that she is looking for is missing, it is easily replaced, although it seems like Sora might already have some commitment issues.

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