Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tree Tapping

Spring is almost here! I can taste it (literally). It seems that one of the wonderful markers of early springtime in the northwoods is the annual tree tapping. Apparently the best time to tap the trees is when it's in the 40's and still freezing overnight. I had hoped that the warmer weather (which is such a relative term - I remember a Californian Maleah that thought that 50 was freezing) would mean that the snow would melt by Saturday. I am apparently way off and need to wait another 2 weeks before that magical time comes.  However, it is warm enough to go for walks without freezing and to tap the maple trees, so there are some upsides to our current weather.

Since Sora and I had never seen the process before, we decided to join Kyle and Kathleen on their adventure. This meant that, for the first time ever, Sora went without a nap today, but that really didn't seem to phase her. In fact, that was probably the most fun she's had in the snow all year.

Kyle tapping the tree. He gave Sora a taste of the sap that came out and she decided that it tastes like water. I think she will be pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness that is maple syrup.

The bags that the sap collects in. Apparently the bags can fill up in as quickly as 1 day or as slowly as 4 days.

Sora spent most of the tree tapping time exploring the nearby area. She wondered off into the snow more than she ever has before! She loved it. Every tiny sapling she declared was "Sora's tree". She was also in complete disbelief that she got to spend that much time with Kathleen apparently because every few minutes she would wander over to me and declare "Kathleen!" or better yet "Where Kathleen go?" when Kathleen was exactly where she had been minutes earlier.

Of course all good things must come to an end, and eventually after all that snow exploration, Sora's pants became too soaking wet to have fun any longer. I am excited to take her back out later this week to show her bags full of sap! Also, if her good mood keeps up, we should have a lot of fun outside times soon. The only hinderance to this plan is that she is now terrified of the mud. Our entire camp will become a mud bog soon, so she needs to learn to embrace it. I'm hoping a pair of rain boots and a good old fashioned mud puddle will do the trick...


Lori said...

You've evened the score - now I'm jealous! :) That is so cool that you get to tap your trees for maple syrup!!

Anonymous said...

Sora will be terrified of mud if Mommy shows that she is terrified of mud! So be a trooper and hid your feelings Maleah and see if Sora thats after you or daddy.

Kyle said...

I actually blame Kyle for this one! We went on a family walk the other day and Kyle wore his flip flops. His feet got really muddy and he was complaining about how cold his feet were because of the mud. Cue fear of mud/ being muddy. I keep trying to reassure her that we can wash her clothes if they get dirty or she can take a bath, but she's not convinced yet!