Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long Easter Weekend

It is officially spring here in the Northwoods, and we enjoyed our long weekend outside! Kyle took Friday off of work and we celebrated Earth Day by going to the nursery, where they convinced us to let them do the hard work of raising our baby plants for us for a few more weeks. Then, we went on a short hike nearby. We've been to Cathedral Pines before, but it was beautiful at this time of year! Plus, there are almost 100 Great Blue Heron nests there, and we didn't get to see any of these amazing birds in the fall. We saw at least 20 on our walk!
 Unfortunately, I was a little poorly prepared for the brisk spring weather and Sora got really cold. We were lucky it was such a short hike.

Saturday, Kyle wasn't feeling well, so we didn't go to the Easter Egg hunt I had been planning on going to. We did run some errands, which included shopping at my favorite bulk and natural food store, my new favorite meat store, and a local farm for some onions. We also went to my favorite fabric and coffee stores! Busy day! We rewarded Sora for her patience by taking her to the best playground in the area. She is in love with slides lately, and there are 5 here, so it was a perfect fit!

For Easter, we ended up having a hunt for Sora in our back yard. I bought some little animals for her farm which fit perfectly in the eggs. She had a blast finding the eggs and trying to open them, plus, there was no competition!

We also went for a hike around camp. It was a super nice day and we saw turtles as well as dozens of snail shells. Sora is becoming very comfortable tromping around in the woods and loves exploring. As an added bonus for Sora (and for us too), we got to eat Easter dinner with some of Sora's favorite Wisconsinites! It was a great weekend and I wish it didn't have to end.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camp Kid

Sora is turning into a great little camp mascot! She loves eating dinner with the "kids" and after she's finished with her meal, she will often pick a table to adopt her and will climb up on anyone's lap who will have her.

Today, she was sitting at her little table at home and started banging on it, yelling "to the box, to the box" which is how the kids end their meal at the dining hall. While I love that she loves eating there, something tells me this won't help her learn table manners very quickly.

Also, on our walk today, she was lagging behind. I was pushing the stroller with the baby in it up a big hill. When I turned around to ask what she was doing, she said "hugging a tree". She really wanted the baby to hug a tree too, but I had to turn her down. Maybe next time baby!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Dress Rehearsal

Sora received a package in the mail today from Grandma Barney that included a dress up outfit for Easter! The outfit was complete with glasses, hat, gloves, tights, shoes, dress and sweater. Grandma was really thoughtful and Sora loved putting it on and playing!

Thanks Debi - it is hilarious and adorable at the same time! The glasses and the gloves are the best! Plus, Sora loves pockets on her dresses and they will be perfect for putting Easter eggs into. Now I just need to find an Easter Egg hunt for Sora to go to this weekend and we'll be all set!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sugar Overload

Warning: Hypocritical anti-sugar rant ahead. Proceed with caution.

It seems like every where I go, people are offering sweets to Sora. Every time I go to the bank, the tellers are trying to give suckers to Sora. They also seem surprised when I say no. Sora does get sweets in moderation, and I know that I can't keep her away from suckers forever, but I feel like it's my job to be overprotective of my two year old, especially when it comes to what she eats. Her little body is growing so fast, and I want to make sure that it's full of good, healthy food. She doesn't know what suckers are, she doesn't get a myriad of other common toddler foods for their sugar content, and she's happy. She does know what cookies are and asks for them often, but accepts that they are a "sometimes" snack. At the candy store, she happily picks out her one candy (usually a Hershey's Kiss) and doesn't even think that she needs more than one (at least for now).

We usually go to two organized story times per week. She likes them both, and each has their ups and downs. However, one seems to declare every week a "special occasion". Last week, they served the kids vanilla wafers (which would be okay as a treat), smothered with frosting (there was literally more frosting than cookie), with juice and a GIANT marshmallow - seriously have you seen these? They were bigger than Sora's hand! Oh, and the marshmallow had frosting too. Seriously!? Luckily, Sora is still young enough that I could get away with telling her (and the host) that she would just stick with water and crackers, but it looks like we'll be finding an alternate weekly activity soon.

And to prove that I do allow Sora some fun, I made tapioca pudding from scratch. Yum!

End rant.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Really Wisconsin? Really!

Winter will never end. I love the place we live it is beautiful and peaceful and perfect for Sora to learn but come on man. The snow will never leave. We had it all gone this week and then last night we had a hail storm and today it has snowed all day. It is not really piling up although it has built up much more than these pictures.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! A Sunday Walk

So we all put on our strolling wear today and spent an afternoon strolling through camp. It was the first day that it really felt like Spring. The birds are singing loudly and the sun was poking through the clouds here and there. It was the warmest it has been for literally five months. We had thunderstorms last night and more expected tonight but today was perfect.

Sora got some fantastic new mud boots that she loves. No puddle is safe from her powerful stomping now.

 There are still some piles of snow here and there but overall it has melted. Kyle is incredibly happy about that.

 Chute Pond is starting to melt. The ice fishing season is over but as you can see no one will be swimming any time soon.

 This was the only puddle that was to big for Sora to tackle she decided that it was "to wet momma".
 Look closely and you will see two geese. They put on a great show for Sora walking on the ice and singing. She was enthralled. This was definitely one of those moments that you would not get living in Seattle.

 Sora was a mega trail blazer. She walked through bushes and under branches nothing bothered her. It was great to watch. She seemed to enjoy the most difficult route possible.

Our walk ended with her finding a worm crossing the road in front of our house. She had a great time playing with it. We taught her the idea of not squeezing and she then told that she was not squeezing about a hundred times while she held it. She also found some empty snail shells floating in the pond and had a great time carrying them in her pockets. It was a great walk.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nature School

This winter, Sora and I have been doing a lot of tot school inside. Now that it is finally starting to warm up to the 50s and we can head outside again, I'm hoping to replace some of our tot school "curriculum" with nature school. Sora loves being outside and I love seeing how excited she is about every stick and rock that she finds. She just got a pair of boots which have opened her world to enjoy the mud and puddles around camp.
 Sora's walking stick

 Looking for the perfect rock

Enjoying a great mud puddle

Using nature as "school". This video (and the pictures too) were taken on our new iPod, so I can't guarantee quality (just cuteness).