Thursday, April 21, 2011

Camp Kid

Sora is turning into a great little camp mascot! She loves eating dinner with the "kids" and after she's finished with her meal, she will often pick a table to adopt her and will climb up on anyone's lap who will have her.

Today, she was sitting at her little table at home and started banging on it, yelling "to the box, to the box" which is how the kids end their meal at the dining hall. While I love that she loves eating there, something tells me this won't help her learn table manners very quickly.

Also, on our walk today, she was lagging behind. I was pushing the stroller with the baby in it up a big hill. When I turned around to ask what she was doing, she said "hugging a tree". She really wanted the baby to hug a tree too, but I had to turn her down. Maybe next time baby!

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