Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long Easter Weekend

It is officially spring here in the Northwoods, and we enjoyed our long weekend outside! Kyle took Friday off of work and we celebrated Earth Day by going to the nursery, where they convinced us to let them do the hard work of raising our baby plants for us for a few more weeks. Then, we went on a short hike nearby. We've been to Cathedral Pines before, but it was beautiful at this time of year! Plus, there are almost 100 Great Blue Heron nests there, and we didn't get to see any of these amazing birds in the fall. We saw at least 20 on our walk!
 Unfortunately, I was a little poorly prepared for the brisk spring weather and Sora got really cold. We were lucky it was such a short hike.

Saturday, Kyle wasn't feeling well, so we didn't go to the Easter Egg hunt I had been planning on going to. We did run some errands, which included shopping at my favorite bulk and natural food store, my new favorite meat store, and a local farm for some onions. We also went to my favorite fabric and coffee stores! Busy day! We rewarded Sora for her patience by taking her to the best playground in the area. She is in love with slides lately, and there are 5 here, so it was a perfect fit!

For Easter, we ended up having a hunt for Sora in our back yard. I bought some little animals for her farm which fit perfectly in the eggs. She had a blast finding the eggs and trying to open them, plus, there was no competition!

We also went for a hike around camp. It was a super nice day and we saw turtles as well as dozens of snail shells. Sora is becoming very comfortable tromping around in the woods and loves exploring. As an added bonus for Sora (and for us too), we got to eat Easter dinner with some of Sora's favorite Wisconsinites! It was a great weekend and I wish it didn't have to end.

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Anonymous said...

Your Easter Hunt sounded like Dylan noone to compete with. Sounds like you had a great day and glad you had good weather. Miss you Mom.