Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! A Sunday Walk

So we all put on our strolling wear today and spent an afternoon strolling through camp. It was the first day that it really felt like Spring. The birds are singing loudly and the sun was poking through the clouds here and there. It was the warmest it has been for literally five months. We had thunderstorms last night and more expected tonight but today was perfect.

Sora got some fantastic new mud boots that she loves. No puddle is safe from her powerful stomping now.

 There are still some piles of snow here and there but overall it has melted. Kyle is incredibly happy about that.

 Chute Pond is starting to melt. The ice fishing season is over but as you can see no one will be swimming any time soon.

 This was the only puddle that was to big for Sora to tackle she decided that it was "to wet momma".
 Look closely and you will see two geese. They put on a great show for Sora walking on the ice and singing. She was enthralled. This was definitely one of those moments that you would not get living in Seattle.

 Sora was a mega trail blazer. She walked through bushes and under branches nothing bothered her. It was great to watch. She seemed to enjoy the most difficult route possible.

Our walk ended with her finding a worm crossing the road in front of our house. She had a great time playing with it. We taught her the idea of not squeezing and she then told that she was not squeezing about a hundred times while she held it. She also found some empty snail shells floating in the pond and had a great time carrying them in her pockets. It was a great walk.

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