Monday, April 18, 2011

Sugar Overload

Warning: Hypocritical anti-sugar rant ahead. Proceed with caution.

It seems like every where I go, people are offering sweets to Sora. Every time I go to the bank, the tellers are trying to give suckers to Sora. They also seem surprised when I say no. Sora does get sweets in moderation, and I know that I can't keep her away from suckers forever, but I feel like it's my job to be overprotective of my two year old, especially when it comes to what she eats. Her little body is growing so fast, and I want to make sure that it's full of good, healthy food. She doesn't know what suckers are, she doesn't get a myriad of other common toddler foods for their sugar content, and she's happy. She does know what cookies are and asks for them often, but accepts that they are a "sometimes" snack. At the candy store, she happily picks out her one candy (usually a Hershey's Kiss) and doesn't even think that she needs more than one (at least for now).

We usually go to two organized story times per week. She likes them both, and each has their ups and downs. However, one seems to declare every week a "special occasion". Last week, they served the kids vanilla wafers (which would be okay as a treat), smothered with frosting (there was literally more frosting than cookie), with juice and a GIANT marshmallow - seriously have you seen these? They were bigger than Sora's hand! Oh, and the marshmallow had frosting too. Seriously!? Luckily, Sora is still young enough that I could get away with telling her (and the host) that she would just stick with water and crackers, but it looks like we'll be finding an alternate weekly activity soon.

And to prove that I do allow Sora some fun, I made tapioca pudding from scratch. Yum!

End rant.


Brooke Buckingham said...

For what it's worth, I think you're absolutely doing the right thing! No sense in turning her into a sugar addict like the rest of us. :) My mom always had a no soda, no candy policy for me and that was at a time when nobody seemed to care much about what kids ate. Because I was never allowed soda or sugary cereals, growing up I never really acquired a taste for either. (except for my diet Pepsi addiction - but that's just for the caffeine :o)

Jeannette said...

Good job Maleah. Stick to your guns. I gave up the fight when Charlie was like 4 months old and had never had anything other than breastmilk and formula and I caught Matt's Grandpa dipping his finger in ice cream and having Charlie like it off. He was like "look! he likes it!" Ya think?