Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sora and I left Kyle behind to do some hard work at camp while we enjoyed the good life in Chicago with my family. My dad flew into Green Bay so that I wouldn't have to drive so far by myself, and we met my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces in Chicago. The last time we saw my brother and his family was at Christmas a year ago, so obviously Sora didn't remember the girls from that trip and was excited to "meet" them. We hadn't met baby Kamryn (6 mo old) yet either, so it was great to see her!

Sora freaking LOVED her cousin Kylie. She's 3 and a half, and the perfect playmate for Sora. They got along fabulously and would hold hands and walk around everywhere! We didn't take a ton of pictures during the five days, but here are some highlights:

We went to the best children's museum! Sora loved exploring and kept us on our toes. Here she is rock climbing with Papa.
 She is trying to uncover some ancient dinosaur bones during a short archeological dig. She was surprisingly successful!

I don't think she really understood the concept of sound traveling through the tube instead of just the air.

Here she is riding on the kids town bus with grandma. She also got to drive the bus and make it play the wheels on the bus song (which she now is obsessed with).

Sora was a little Miss Mimic during the trip. She did everything Kylie did and anything funny that grandma did. Here she is in a laughing fit with Kylie and grandma.

I made the girls matching dresses for a photo shoot my mom arranged. We'll wait to see how successful it was, with two crabby toddlers, but here is Sora in her dress. My mom was smart to have some photos taken in the park where the girls were in their natural environment. Sora is addicted to slides and wanted to go again and again and again.

We also hit up the free zoo. Sora was very stylish, as always, but not really all too interested in the zoo itself. Just in the popcorn.

One of the highlights of the trip for Sora was the amazing jet bathtub which amplified Sora and Kylie's bubble baths. She is still asking to take another bath with cousin Kylie. I just hope the next time they get together they're not too old for a joint bath since Sora loved it so much!

We got back on Sunday night and Sora is still recovering from the trip. Sora was sick while we were there, complete with fever. Unfortunately, it spread fast and I got sick as well as everyone else there! It's too bad because I didn't get to hold the baby enough (I was trying to restrain myself since I was sick) and I'm not sure if she'll be a baby the next time I see her! She was the happiest, most easy going baby I've seen in a very long time. I hope Sora learned a thing or two from her baby cousin Kamryn (and from her cousin Kylie as well).

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