Monday, May 23, 2011

May Showers

We have had a lot of crazy weather here the past week, with a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Luckily, it has been warm overall, and we are well prepared for rain. We have not been photo journaling very well lately, and you will have to trust me that we have taken Sora on a canoe and also a paddleboat to enjoy the warm weather (I'm sure we'll get pictures eventually). 

The moments that make Kyle the most proud are days like this past Friday and Saturday where Sora would throw off her shoes the instant she was outside and run around barefoot all over camp.
 I am trying to teach Sora names of flowers and trees so that she can be the youngest naturalist ever! She already has Trillium down pat! This pretty flower is in bloom all over camp. In the picture above, where Sora is exploring our tulips, you can see traces of trillium behind her.
 I'm not sure if she is playing hide and seek here or just hugging a tree. Either way, you can see how much she loves being outside and you can see  her bare little feet.
We had a very low key weekend, spent alternating between seeking shelter from the rain and running around at camp. Hopefully these thunderstorms (and terrible mosquitoes and ticks) are almost behind us so we can enjoy the few weeks we have left in Wisconsin before our big road trip!

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