Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Terrible at Surprises

Since marrying Kyle, I (we) have become increasingly terrible at opening presents on time. If there is a present in my house, I can smell it a mile away and must open it immediately. It's like not eating a box of girl scout cookies. Impossible. Having said that, now that Sora is getting older, I've been trying a little harder to wait until the actual holiday or gift-getting event to open my/our presents. I say all of this because I must admit to opening my present from my mom early. In my defense, it did last over 2 weeks in my house unopened. I used her adorable present to create a new dress for Sora (click here to read the post about the dress on my craft blog). Sorry mom (but thanks!!).

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Don and DeeEtta said...

Your forgiven - glad you liked it & put it to use so quickly.