Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thrill Seeking Toddler

I have been waiting to go to Bay Beach Amusement Park ever since we moved to Wisconsin in the fall. Today was finally my day! The park is run by the city parks department, so everything is super cheap instead of being run for profit. Most rides are 1-2 tickets with only 1 ride requiring 4 tickets and tickets are $.25 each. We spent $5 on tickets and rode all morning. Amazing! It is geared towards younger kids, which was perfect for us. I was very nervous as to how Sora would do in such a crazy environment, but she was a rock star.

We started off easy with a quick helicopter ride. 

Next was the ferris wheel. This one worried me a bit, since it's so long to get off if Sora freaked out. She was a little upset at how sunny it became while we were on the ride (Kyle's convinced she's a vampire with how much she freaks out about the sun), and was ready to finally get off after some confusion about when they would get off, but most of the ride was spent in bliss. In fact, when I later asked which ride was her favorite, she said "the blue one with daddy". Before they went on the ride, she decided she wanted to ride in a blue car. Luckily, that's the way it turned out. Maybe she has some kind of ESP...

After she rocked the first two rides, she was ready to go it alone. She started with driving a ladybug.

Then, driving a boat.

Then, shooting someone (not sure who) on the airplane ride.

It's hard to see, but she chose to ride a chicken on the carousel. She looked all around and said (while pointing) "Horse. Horse. Horse. Horse. Sora has only chicken."

Sora's last ride of the day was the train ride. The wait was pretty long, but she enjoyed the trip.

Oh, and did I mention that Bay Beach is right on Green Bay? It was a pretty sight. The location used to be home to a for-profit amusement park with swimming, but the bay was closed to swimmers a long time ago because it's disgusting. Maybe it comes from all the toilet paper that Green Bay factories are famous for making. I read a story that they used to rent out swim suits for $.10 and demand was so high that they'd be wet when you rented them and filled with sand since they had no time to clean or rinse them first. Can you imagine renting a wet, sandy swimsuit? Yuck!

While Kyle rode the big roller coaster, Sora played in the adjacent park. She saw the swing rides and was obsessed with them, but she was too small to go on the junior swing ride, so she settled for the swings at the park instead. She loved it and totally forgot about the rides.

We did some shopping while in town too. Here is Sora filling up on some water at Target.

On the way home, we stopped at another park. This one has the largest playground in town. Sora loved it, but again spent a majority of her time on the swings.

A happy kiddo after a long, fun, exhausting day.

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