Friday, June 17, 2011

The Big Trip: Part 4 (Cold Hands = Long Car Rides)

After a very cold night, and a cold morning, Sora was ready to leave Yellowstone for good. We did get her to explore some animal scat.
And enjoy some pretty flowers on a short walk.

And explore the visitor's center.
And no trip to Yellowstone would be complete without seeing Old Faithful.

After a very cold morning though, Sora was ready to get back into the car and make the last leg of the journey to Washington. On our drive through Yellowstone, Sora got to see a coyote before falling asleep. We also ran into (not literally, but almost) some sheep outside of the park.
From Yellowstone, we drove to Spokane, only stopping for gas and a few coffees. This was by far the longest drive we had on our trip, and Sora was totally happy most of the time. She got to do "projects" with mom, watch a video with dad, finger paint, read stories, and do a lot of playing. We are now in Spokane for a few days with the Rings and have a lot of fun ahead of us watching Sora keep up with Charlie and Annie.

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