Monday, June 13, 2011

The Big Trip: Part 1 (Goodbye Wisconsin)

Here are few pics from the first few days of our trip across the country.

Ready to go leaving Wisconsin.
We stopped for lunch in Chippewah Falls. We couldn't find the falls, but we did find a great park to have lunch. There were like 10 birthday parties that day there, so everyone else in town had lunch with us.

The park has a free zoo and yes there are lions and tigers and bears oh my!

We stayed the first night with some old friends from Seattle who had relocated to Minnesota. Sora had tons of fun playing with their daughter who is one day younger than Sora. We swapped horror stories of life in the Midwest and it was great to have someone to commiserate with. It was also one of the first times Sora had a lot of fun playing with a little girl her own age. It was so much fun to see how similar and different they were - both amazingly smart and fun little girls!

The next day, we rolled in to South Dakota. We were surprised at the beautiful Sioux Falls.

Sora, unfortunately, was not impressed. Although we tried to explain that we were at a park, she could not fathom the idea that a park would exist without a playground.

Our super windy campground at Lake Vermillion South Dakota. Luckily, there was a playground here, so all was right with the world again after Sora got her swinging fix.

Sora loved the first night of tent camping and slept amazingly well. There was a thunderstorm at 4 a.m., which woke us up, but Sora slept through the whole thing. The park was great and had a little interpretive trail, a great playground, and was right on a lake. Sadly, it was the windiest night of our lives and that, coupled with all of the rain and thunder and lightening meant that Kyle and I didn't sleep very well. Judging by the high number of the wind-blocking covered-wagon-esque picnic tables tables we've seen so far in South Dakota, something tells me it was not the windiest night possible at Lake Vermillion...

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