Friday, June 17, 2011

The Big Trip: Part 3 (From Dinos to Bison)

After leaving Wall, we headed for Rapid City, South Dakota. I think this was one of my favorite stops. We had coffee at a great little shop downtown before heading up to the Dinosaur Park. Sora was much more excited about the idea of this park than the actual park, but it was located at the top of a big hill and had a great view of the area, in addition to massive dinosaurs.

Rapid City is also home to Storybrook Island (not an actual island of course). This park has a playground mixed in with 144 scenes from different stories. Here Sora is driving Engine 9.
And here she is talking to the three little pigs. Maybe she's telling them that brick is really the way to go and not to waste their time with sticks and straw.

The Cat in the Hat is very appropriate for this trip, since we have listened to several Dr. Seuss audiobooks on the drive. Sora's favorite is Green Eggs and Ham and quotes it often.

We spent the night in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. Not much to see or do, but we did stay in a campground located right by the rodeo grounds. There was a group of girls on horses taking some type of horse riding class and Sora was fascinated. She has decided that she wants to ride one of her Papa D's horses, but when given the chance to pet a horse, she declined, so I'm not sure that her dream will come to fruition on this trip.

The next day, we headed to Yellowstone. It was sunny and windy, with a lot of bison and hot water involved.

We were lucky enough to get a campsite in the first campground we tried, which was first come first serve and filled up in the early afternoon. Sora enjoyed her first ranger program, a campfire sans fire due to wind, that focused on some lesser known animals of Yellowstone. She was transfixed with the pictures he showed and was fascinated by his stories. After all that excitement, we were all ready for a good night sleep in our tent (which of course didn't happen since it was in the 30's at night).

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