Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day in Spokane

We decided to crash the Ring family's Father's Day celebrations on our way through Spokane. There is an excellent synopsis with some great pictures on the Ring's blog

Sora has been faring pretty well overall considering she's devoid of any routine or stability for the past week, but she's definitely had some less than happy moments. 

She wasn't too impressed with the Spokane Falls...

She was too small to ride on the kiddie rides, but took that pretty well. And although she looks like she had fun on the slide, she also fell off pretty hard.
 She cheered up a little for dinner, just after I took her on the world's fastest carousel which they stopped mid-ride to let Sora off of.
 Her favorite part of Spokane was Annie and Charlie. She loved holding their hands, even when Annie wasn't really that excited about it. Thanks Ring kids for letting Sora get her way sometimes!
 We spent Saturday and Sunday in Kellogg, ID with the Rings at a waterslide resort. Sora liked this a lot and so did everyone else.
 Sora spent the huge majority of the time on this slide. It was perfect for her - she could easily climb up and slide down all by herself.
 After a long weekend of watersliding. One tired but mostly happy little girl.
 Sora with her new best friend Charlie. While both Ring kids were great with Sora, she LOVED Charlie. He is an amazing little kid who actually read Sora 4 books to help her fall asleep and didn't complain when she poked him in the ear for 30 minutes afterwards even though he was crazy tired.
Thanks Rings! We're excited to go camping later this summer with them as well. We're expecting a marriage proposal by the end of the summer.

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