Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun!

Well we finally have gotten the summer heat that we wanted. Sora has been having a great few days playing with poppa and grandma McPherson. 
 Chasing bubbles in the backyard. She actually caught a bunch of them.
 Crazy sprinkler fun. In true Sora fashion she was constantly running to mommy to give her wet hugs.
 Sora is still officially addicted to swings. We went to a few playgrounds that had no swings and paid the price so here she is at Kiwanis park living it up.

So far the Ellensburg leg of the trip is going pretty well. Sora is dealing with the constant change in beds and houses fairly calmly. She has been a bit extra cranky but we think she may be growing and needing more food than normal because everytime she eats she is happy. That is also true for me and her mom and most people I suppose.

Take it easy


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