Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer in the Northwoods

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous outside! Kyle spent some of Saturday working with the dads and sons at Father/Son weekend, but when he wasn't busy running the zip line, he was enjoying the weather with us. It was in the low 80s both days and the perfect weather to be living on a lake. 
Sora was so excited to try swimming in the lake. Although the weather has warmed up, the lake has not, so it was still too cold for her. She didn't get much further than this.

 We took a paddle boat ride instead. Surprisingly, Sora did not say it was "too sunny" this time!

We went out with some summer camp staff in the pontoon boat over to the county park for some fishing. Sora and I went to the playground there earlier in the day, but everything was "too hot" to play with, so we went out to ice cream instead.

Kyle and Sora fishing. She wasn't patient enough to help him catch a fish, and she alternated between wanting more fishing and "all done fishing".

Kyle caught much larger fish, but I didn't get any other pictures. We threw all the fish back, so this is the only photo documentation that he actually caught any. There were a lot of fish where we were and the other fishermen with us caught a lot of fish.

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