Friday, July 29, 2011

Ellensburg: Take Two

We are nearing the end of our second tour of Washington and have spent the last few days in Ellensburg enjoying a little sun.

Sora is obsessed with fruit and red peppers and water play. Not surprising, I know.

 Sora is also a big helper! Here she is helping grandma shuck the corn. There will be a lot more of this in Sora's future this fall.
 Kyle, Sora and grandma Barney snuck away to the children's museum one afternoon. Sora and I went here with grandma and papa McPherson the last time we were in town, so it was nice to see that Kyle got to play there too.
 The microwave here dings! It was an instant favorite of Sora's.

We had a great time in Ellensburg and are now finally packing all of our stuff back in the car. We're heading camping for the weekend before leaving on Sunday on our long car ride back to Wisconsin. It's been a great trip, but I think we are all ready for our own beds and shower and space and are excited to get a little "real" summer in before Kyle goes back to work.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bellingham: Take Two

We headed up for our second tour of Bellingham this past week. It was decent weather, and Sora instantly attached to her grandpa and grandma. 

We took advantage of the sunny weekend by packing it full of activities! We took a tiny historic foot ferry across a tiny bay (I think we could have swam in 10 minutes - even Sora, but instead we took a 20 minute boat ride).

 We saw a lot of seals on our short tour.
 And our whole weekend was filled with beautiful views of Mt. Baker.

 Sora practiced her polo skills.
 And got right back on the horse after being thrown off a time or two.
 She loved playing at the beach, and we even got to see a wedding (which was more fun for me and my mom of course).
 Sora is such a grandma's girl. Almost the whole time we were there, she insisted that grandma help her with everything. It was great to have a break from being the chosen one all the time, but I'm sure that grandma was secretly exhausted!
 We also toured the Tall ships, one of which is the official ship of Washington state. It was more interesting for Kyle than Sora, but she loved driving the boat!
 Sora has finally made one of the most important list yet in her short life: the list of berries ranked by preference. So far, the list is "raspberries at the top, then blueberries, and strawberries at the bottom". Luckily, my mom's friend owns a raspberry farm so we got to see the pickers in full swing. This was one of my first jobs in high school, which brought back a lot of memories! Kyle loved learning all about the system, and Sora just loved stuffing her face with fresh raspberries. I think it's probably a good thing we live so far away, because I don't think a toddler can live on raspberries alone.
 One of the highlights of my parents house is that Sora is learning to like animals. It's a slow process, but she (kind of) made friends with their dog by feeding him treats daily, and also helped papa put in the horses each night. She pet the horses, and even the neighbors pigs, on many occasions, and on our last night there, she even rode a horse! She was very excited about the helmet (who can blame a girl for loving accessories?).
 It took a lot of watching papa and mommy ride Dakota first before finally deciding to join mommy.
 It was a short ride, but it totally counts as her first horse ride! What a brave little kiddo!
 Sora is lucky to be blessed with three sets of doting grandparents. All of whom will read to her at the drop of a hat. For example, here is her "Papa D" reading a book about hats with her while wearing his hat and having a hat for Sora on his lap. Too cute!
Thanks again Papa and Grandma D for all of the fun and hospitality! I wish I could call you guys to come over on all of Sora's cranky days (especially if you could bring the magic iPad with you)!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer of Craziness

We had a fabulous time in Seattle trying to cram in a summers worth of fun and visiting in one week. We saw a lot of amazing wonderful people but managed to capture very little on film.
Sora and I went to the Everett Children's Museum while Kyle was in Portland for a few days at the Portland International Beer Festival. We went to the museum last year, but it was way cooler with a 2 year old. Also, we missed the rooftop adventure last year, which was one of the coolest parts!

When we were done, she got to do two things again. She chose to "milk" the cow (a watery mess of course) and to play in the water room again.

We also visited various parks, which Kyle sees as the main theme of our vacation.

In between visiting with friends, we managed to get in some good tourist attractions, including Pike's Place and Pacific Science Center.

All of our touring left Sora exhausted!

Sora also got to meet the Moose and Blitz, but of course they were WAY cooler when we were further away.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Summer Pics

Well we are getting ready to head down to Seattle. We had a great time relaxing in Bellingham. Sora had a major roller coaster week. All of the traveling may have caught up with her. One of the major positives was that she seems to have over come her fear of dogs.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Week at the Lake

After a week on the road and two weeks in Ellensburg, we were ready for a vacation (from our vacation)! Kyle went to Seattle to work for a beer festival while Sora and I relaxed in the sun at Lake Chelan with Sora's cousin Dylan, and the rest of Kyle's family.

Sora loved playing outside and getting wet and dirty. 

 She is finally starting to ham it up for the camera!

In true Sora fashion, she was not afraid to jump into the waves with her dress on.
We had great front row seats right outside the condo to the fireworks. They were really impressive for such a small town show.
 Kyle finally joined us for the last few days. Sora loved swimming in the lake with daddy.
 We left Lake Chelan on Thursday for Bellingham. We decided to drive the scenic route and went north over the North Cascades Highway. Sora slept through almost all of the North Cascades National Park, but she was awake when we went through Winthrop. She loved posing on the saddles (where Kyle and I had our engagement picture from our wedding invitation)!
We are now spending some time in Whatcom County with my parents before our next adventure.