Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camping (take 2)

We are finally almost done with our extra long summer vacation and are driving back to Wisconsin. Before we left, we spent our last Washingtonian weekend camping with some friends from way back. It was great weather, a great campground, and Sora loved playing with so many kids, most of whom she had already seen once on the trip and remembered. For some reason, she could not remember one of the poor kiddos to save her life (I'm not sure if she was teasing or not, but she asked him his name over and over again). Maybe it's her first official flirting and she wasn't just being rude? As always, the best pictures were taken by Lori and Jeanette, and there are some great synopsis of the trip on their blogs (here and here). 

The last time we saw the Rings, Sora was obsessed with Charlie. This time, however, she spread the love and was obsessed with Annie. She was a perfect little shadow.

Of course, she did terrorize Charlie some, who took it in great stride. What an amazing kid!
 We got to go swimming all three days we were there. Lake Chelan was cold, but Sora had fun. She even got stung by a bee (almost in this exact spot) but only cried for a few minutes. What a trooper!

 After we left Washington on Sunday morning, we headed east until we finally got to Coeur d'Alene. We camped on the east end of the lake at a small campground where Sora was disappointed to see that there were no other kids. She's finally at the stage where she thinks other kids want to play with her.

 She did thoroughly enjoy her pasta dinner.
 The next day, we drove to Bozeman, MT. We stopped for lunch in Missoula where we finally broke down and bought Sora a nice sleeping bag. She had been waking up for four nights in a row wanting to sleep in our bags and we thought maybe it was because we bought her the cheapest bag possible in the spring. This new sleeping bag tactic wasn't quite successful the first night, but was much better the following evening. We ate at a park where I stepped on a bee and got stung and we got lost getting back to the freeway, so Missoula didn't leave a positive impression.

We did like the campground, however, which wasn't really roughing it much.
 Here, you can see our tent in the background (on the left), just feet from the "playground".

 There was also a heated pool which we swam in, laundry facilities which we used, and spotty wifi.

In true McPherson luck, a thunderstorm rolled over us in the early evening. Here we are entertaining ourselves as we hunkered down.
 And a beautiful sunset afterwards.

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