Friday, August 19, 2011

County Fair

I have been waiting months to go to my first midwestern county fair! I grew up as a fair kid, heavily involved in 4-H and spent almost every hour of the fair week at the fair for years. I was excited to have Sora experience the magic. Of course, it was WAY different than the fair that I'm used to. Despite having a larger population (250,000 v. 200,000 people in the county), it was maybe 1/3 the size of my "home" fair, which was probably my biggest beef. Kyle's biggest beef was the total pro-milk propaganda, but I think that's true of most county fairs. 

Sora jumped right into the pro-milk love by milking Addy the cow (not real, of course). She's milked other "cows" this summer, so she's a pro. 
 She also loved playing in the corn box. It was obviously a big hit.
 Sora loved the parks display - they even had a frog catching pond set up!
 We supported the FFA and 4-H booths while we enjoyed some BBQ sandwiches and moowiches.
 The best part of the fair is that $10 paid for parking, admission, and unlimited rides! Sora and Kyle took advantage of the wristbands by going on at least 5 each.
 Another great thing about the fair is the view! It's right on the river and I'm sure that the top of the ferris wheel was beautiful.

 Kyle took Sora, so I'll have to take their word for it.
We still have at least 1 more county fair on the agenda this summer, so we'll see how it compares! Overall, Sora loved it, and Kyle and I liked it (and loved the prices). We were both spoiled with great fair memories as kids, so hopefully someday Sora will have a more stable fair experience as well so that she too can become a county fair snob.

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