Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Epic Journey: The Final Leg

Okay, so when we last left you, we were in Bozeman, MT, enjoying a mix of weather and a plush campground.

The next day, we headed to Eastern MT and enjoyed a more rugged landscape. We stopped at some caves to see cavemen drawings (which I am trying to explain and point out to Sora).

 We camped in the Badlands of Eastern MT. I'm not sure why this description didn't make me realize how hot and dry it would be when I picked it, but it was very pretty and luckily not too hot or too dry.

 Oh, and the bee sting I got on Monday? Well, my poor foot swelled up like a balloon. It was hard to walk, especially since I could only wear flip flops. I survived though.
 Sora liked exploring the landscape with daddy while I sat on the sidelines.
 And she has decided that "maybe an animal lives there" in every hole.

 The next day, while still feeling sorry for my poor foot, we headed to Fargo, ND. We went to a children's museum, which Sora loved (while Kyle and I couldn't help but notice almost every single thing had something missing or broken - I wouldn't have been so annoyed if I hadn't read some brochure that billed them as in the top 25 children's museum in the nation or something - there must have been A LOT of cool stuff outside of the building we were in that we didn't see).

To celebrate our crabby attitudes and total disgust of bugs that we had dealt with lately, we decided to live it up and stay at a hotel. We ate with the aliens at the Space Alien's Grill and Bar. It was hard to explain the theme to Sora, but since they had fries, she didn't really care.

 The hotel we were in had a tiny water park. Really it involved two slides and a lot of spraying, but Sora loved it. Kyle and I loved the free breakfast. Kyle kept count of how many times Sora did this slide before I took over. He was up to 53.
 Our next destination was the Mall of America and Ikea. We bought Sora a new bed and managed to fit it, along with the mattress, lots of toys and some other Ikea "essentials" in our already crowded car. This meant I couldn't buy much at the MOA, but I was too picky so it worked out well.

 Sora's favorite store was 77Kids by American Eagle. It was super interactive and full of little rocker clothes. Cute if you want your kid to look like a rock star at age two. I prefer my two year old looking like a crazy two year old.
 Our car couldn't have been more stuffed on the way home. Instead of spending an extra night, we ended up driving straight home from the MOA, which cut an extra day off our trip. We also ended up not going to Glacier National Park this trip, since the overnight low was 29 and the main attraction we learned was this beautiful scenic drive that would take 2-3 hours. Somehow adding more driving to our trip, no matter how beautiful, and subjecting Sora to a freezing night in a tent didn't seem like the most responsible parenting move. This also cut a day off our trip, so we got home late Thursday night instead of Saturday!
This means we've been home for almost a week now without blogging. Sorry. We've been enjoying our house and Kyle's additional two weeks off. We have a lot of home improvement projects on the horizon, so I'm sure there will be good blogging soon. Also, there are still two more weeks of summer camp going on all around our house, which Sora is enthralled by. As soon as we walked into our house late Thursday night, Sora was happy to be home. We all miss our friends and family and our home state, but we are happy to be back at our house and to experience another year of our crazy midwestern life.

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