Sunday, August 14, 2011

Handy Man

We've been enjoying a relaxing week at home with perfect summer weather and lots of summer camp kids around to entertain Sora. After about 5 days at home, Kyle was ready to find another way to fill his time - he's decided that being a stay at home dad is a little dull. We took a trip to the hardware store and came home with several new projects to keep him busy. He's actually done most of them already - I'm impressed!

He built me some shelves in the closet.
 Which I couldn't wait to fill with tot school stuff for Sora!

He put together his new grill - surprisingly, this came in a LOT of pieces! He's tried to grill a lot of things so far, but we haven't had brats or burgers yet.

He turned Sora's old crib into a compost bin. So far, no critters seem to have gotten in, which means Kyle did a great job! (Update: I just saw a chipmunk in said compost bin...)

He put up Sora's swing that we bought from Ikea. This picture doesn't show his system, but he had to create something to hang the swing from. Pretty impressive, and Sora loves it.
 The biggest project so far has been redoing the floor in the dining room and kitchen. It looks amazing (and was super cheap)!

 We still have some painting and decorating to do, but Kyle's gotten a lot accomplished in a short time. Yeah for having a motivated husband!

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Anonymous said...

The floor looks great. Nice job