Saturday, August 27, 2011

Missed Photo Opp

On Wednesday, we had a day camp come up for the day at camp. Sora and Maleah came to visit the kids and me at work while I was helping them catch frogs and turtles with nets. Sora wanted to get in on the action and she and Maleah caught a frog before they went home for lunch. Yesterday, Sora wanted to catch frogs and turtles again, so she and Maleah (and Walker, the baby that Maleah watches once a week, who is ironically a late walker) went for a walk to see what they could find. Maleah was holding Walker so she wasn't right next to Sora. Maleah said it was time to go and started to walk away thinking that Sora would follow. She heard a splash and Sora crying and turned around to see that Sora had fallen into the lagoon while trying to snag a large lilly pad! This is the first of what I'm sure will be many falls into the water around here. Luckily Sora recovered quickly and was ready to go back minutes later.

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