Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We heart the Library

So, even though we live in a town of 500, our library is linked up with a whole system comprised of several counties worth of libraries! Some of these libraries have amazing resources to check out. In all of my spare time, I'm scouring the library search engine looking for toys that I can check out (and not buy) for Sora. We get them for a month at a time, and they ship them to our library for us. Amazing! Tot school started for Sora last week, when Kyle went back to work. We're super organized this year and have monthly themes and everything. This month is zoo theme so I focused on zoo items at the library.
 Here Sora and Kyle are playing with the Curious George kit. It comes with a felt storytelling toy with 5 different scenes and pieces to tell stories in each scene. Super cute. Sora's favorite is the ice cream shop theme (no surprise there). It also comes with 2 books (which are AWEFUL - I didn't realize how terrible the stories are of Curious George. One involves his capture from the jungle - and I hate the way he's called "naughty" when he's really just being curious - okay, end rant. Luckily for Sora, I can easily edit the stories to my liking without her realizing it) and a stuffed animal.
 Here is the rest of our current library loot (not including books). 3 puzzles and a monkey themed kit.
Sora freaking loves the puzzles (the two floor puzzles at least) and does them 3-5 times per day. Of course she needs a lot of hand holding through each puzzle, so it's a mixed blessing for me and Kyle.

I love that Sora loves the library, going to the library (and our weekly play group) and totally understands the idea of returning things and doesn't get upset at all when she requests something that we already took back to the library (like after a week straight of reading the same book over and over and Kyle and I can't take it anymore)!

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