Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wildlife Sanctuary

After spending two evenings working on the floor, Kyle and I realized our estimating skills are amazing! We estimated just 2 square feet off! Unfortunately, we were 2 square feet short. Sora and I made the trek to Green Bay to buy those two more tiles while Kyle worked yesterday. Attempting to make the trip fun and not just errands, Sora and I went to the amusement park afterwards. She rode 9 rides (1 with me) for $3. Amazing! Another reason to heart Green Bay. Afterwards, we went to see the animals at the wildlife sanctuary across the street. 

Sora loved it! We saw river otters rolling in a log.

 And red fox playing a mean game of tag.
 And coyotes marking their territory.

Sora had a ton of fun, and I love that this is a free place to take her! After a full morning in Green Bay, including the tiles and a trip to Starbucks, I still had $1 left (from $10 I started with). I love days like that!

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