Monday, September 26, 2011

Day Off

Now I know I can't complain, since Kyle just had a 10 week vacation, but he has had to work every Saturday in September (including next Saturday as well). He's been crazy busy during the week with school groups, so we haven't seen much of him around here. He took today off (yeah) and we celebrated by letting him tag along on one of our weekly rituals.

We started going to a nearby "twin towns" (our term, no one else's) for a weekly story time and other errands on Wednesdays. It's about 45 minutes away, so it makes a full day for us. Since it's only Monday, we varied our routine a bit to include Kyle. 

We started our day, of course, with a quick Clifford ride.

Then, before getting out of the car, Sora had to go swinging.

We stopped by our favorite thrift store (where Kyle had to buy a belt since he's so skinny these days). I love how cheap this store is, and it's full of stuff!

Afterwards, we stopped by the library for some puzzles and to replenish our book supply.

From here, we went to the Y. This is the part that Sora and I normally don't do on our own. Sora has become extremely timid and reserved around people she doesn't know, which is not translating well to things like Tot Watch at the Y while I work out (or basically anything that involves interacting with anyone besides me and Kyle). She is fascinated by other people (her favorite question is "What is her name?" or "What is she doing?", but of course all of these questions are directed to me and not anyone else). Anyway, with Kyle there she wasn't in Tot Watch for more than 10 minutes which made everyone relatively happy. She also got to swim, so that was great.

Afterwards, we tried out a new coffee cafe place that will definitely be in our rotation from now on. It was delicious (and cheap)!

(Sora took my picture since I was taking everyone else's).

Next, we went to my favorite toy store for a certain niece's birthday present.

Lastly, we hit up the grocery store for some gourmet goods before going home and having a delicious fish and risotto meal cooked by my fabulous husband. It was great to see Kyle for more than a few hours at a time, and to let him get a window into our new favorite rituals.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sora's Camp

Sora and I try to stay at camp two or three days during the week. Since everything is at least 40 min. away, for the most part, being gone a lot leaves us both exhausted (plus uses a lot of gas). So, when we need a break from our indoor play and tot school, we go for a walk outside.

There are certain things at camp that Sora loves doing. Here are a few of her favorite.

Playing Ga Ga. It's a game like dodgeball minus the pain plus a little arena. Sora mostly just likes kicking the soccer ball around the tiny arena yelling "ga ga". She can also successfully climb in and out by herself.
 The "pit" near the dining hall has a little shed with hockey sticks and hockey balls and pucks. Sora loves playing with this, but mostly the balls are thrown with her hand, then she chases them with the stick.
 "Counting the letters". Every time we pass by this sign, she wants to stop and point out which letters she knows. She's just started recognizing numbers as well.
 "Catch something with a net". This is almost a daily request. She mostly catches weeds, pond scum, and snail shells. I can catch frogs, but neither of us have caught a turtle or fish yet. I doubt we will catch a fish, but Sora really wants to catch a turtle. I haven't seen many of them this fall, but hopefully we can catch one in the spring when they're so abundant.

There's also a tiny playground near Kyle's office that she likes playing on. She's working on getting onto the rope swing by herself.
She also loves watching the kids crossing the rope bridge and eating candy after dinner (neither of which she gets to do) and paddle boating (which we do together while Kyle is lifeguarding for all of the kids). Her other big obsession at camp is to feed the bunny. There is a camp bunny that lives in a hutch outside all summer. During the school year, in the past, he had been under the care of one of Kyle's staff members who passed away suddenly this summer. I have (foolishly?) volunteered to give the bunny a loving home this winter in our basement. He's neglected and not at all tamed, so we have a lot of work ahead of us, but Sora loves him and it's a convenient situation for us to have a pet without having to actually own a pet. Hopefully there will be pictures of the bunny snuggling with Sora in no time!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Week in Review

So, we did go to the parade last week, but of course didn't get any good pictures.

Instead, we have other pictures from our week for you. Maleah and Sora joined some friends at the NEW Zoo on Tuesday. Sora has been up and down about how much she likes animals, so I was surprised to see pictures of her actually feeding the sheep. She loved feeding the animals and chasing her friend around the zoo. This zoo also has 2 playgrounds which the girls both liked.

 Maleah and Sora were also busy this week with a day trip to a new (hopefully regular?) story time and other entertainment in a nearby town and they spent two days watching baby Walker, who is almost toddler Walker.

This weekend was the first of three consecutive Father Daughter weekends at camp. Sora loved watching all the girls, so we spent a lot of time walking around camp. She watched the girls playing capture the flag in the dark and joined them for a fun Father Daughter dance (we let Maleah come too). Here she is waiting in "jail" by the fire during the game.
 Saturday, while I worked, Maleah took Sora to the rummage sales. For you Washingtonians, this is the same as garage sales. Where we live, people are very into city or town wide rummage sales, so they went to a nearby town and spent the day looking at other people's junk. Sora thinks that these are the best, since Maleah usually just buys stuff for her - of the $11 she spent, $10.50 was for Sora. The only thing they were actually looking for was a tricycle, and the last place they looked they found one for $8. Sora was so excited.
She has been riding it all over camp and we are trying to figure out the best way to help push or pull her in some of the sandier and rockier areas of camp.

It seems like every week we are marveling over how much Sora is growing and learning. This week, she's really starting to remember things and be able to explain what has happened in the past. An example of this is when she swallowed a coin earlier today. She refuses to show us which kind it was, but I'm sure she could if she wanted to! She's also totally understanding what people are saying and following along. I took her to the campfire last night and we watched the girls doing skits. Sora was really quiet and listening, but would say (super loud) things and ask questions when everyone else was quiet. One skit involved a girl saying something about seeing a cow and Sora yelled "Where's the cow?". She's in a pretty fun stage and it's awesome to be along for the ride (most of the time).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun on the 45th Parallel

That is the slogan of our nearest town. Usually, not much fun is to be had there (unless you're really into ATVs). This weekend however is their one big celebration weekend of the year. In true McPherson form, I drug Kyle and Sora with me to the festivities.

We started with a fish boil at the local church. Below is a detailed picture of our food. Most was normal, but I couldn't get over the fact that they served me a boiled whole onion. To me this seemed rather bizarre.
Kyle enjoyed tolerated his meal, and our "neighbors" loved watching Sora eat everything!
Other festivities of the day included a water fight (assisted by firemen).
There were prizes involved which made very little sense to me when I was picturing a typical water fight in my head, but made much more sense when I realized they were shooting fire hoses at a common target, and was much more like tug of war.

 Sora, tired of the paparazzi.

 Sora and her new favorite doll, Marabelle. I made her yesterday for Sora from some old felted sweaters. She's kind of funny looking and has a giraffe neck, but Sora loves her.

The big draw for the day was the demolition derby. We watched for a while, and Sora was pretty into it until it started raining. We left just as the downpour began.
Tomorrow, there will be more festivities of course. So, if the weather is nice, look for more fun on the 45th.