Monday, September 26, 2011

Day Off

Now I know I can't complain, since Kyle just had a 10 week vacation, but he has had to work every Saturday in September (including next Saturday as well). He's been crazy busy during the week with school groups, so we haven't seen much of him around here. He took today off (yeah) and we celebrated by letting him tag along on one of our weekly rituals.

We started going to a nearby "twin towns" (our term, no one else's) for a weekly story time and other errands on Wednesdays. It's about 45 minutes away, so it makes a full day for us. Since it's only Monday, we varied our routine a bit to include Kyle. 

We started our day, of course, with a quick Clifford ride.

Then, before getting out of the car, Sora had to go swinging.

We stopped by our favorite thrift store (where Kyle had to buy a belt since he's so skinny these days). I love how cheap this store is, and it's full of stuff!

Afterwards, we stopped by the library for some puzzles and to replenish our book supply.

From here, we went to the Y. This is the part that Sora and I normally don't do on our own. Sora has become extremely timid and reserved around people she doesn't know, which is not translating well to things like Tot Watch at the Y while I work out (or basically anything that involves interacting with anyone besides me and Kyle). She is fascinated by other people (her favorite question is "What is her name?" or "What is she doing?", but of course all of these questions are directed to me and not anyone else). Anyway, with Kyle there she wasn't in Tot Watch for more than 10 minutes which made everyone relatively happy. She also got to swim, so that was great.

Afterwards, we tried out a new coffee cafe place that will definitely be in our rotation from now on. It was delicious (and cheap)!

(Sora took my picture since I was taking everyone else's).

Next, we went to my favorite toy store for a certain niece's birthday present.

Lastly, we hit up the grocery store for some gourmet goods before going home and having a delicious fish and risotto meal cooked by my fabulous husband. It was great to see Kyle for more than a few hours at a time, and to let him get a window into our new favorite rituals.

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