Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun on the 45th Parallel

That is the slogan of our nearest town. Usually, not much fun is to be had there (unless you're really into ATVs). This weekend however is their one big celebration weekend of the year. In true McPherson form, I drug Kyle and Sora with me to the festivities.

We started with a fish boil at the local church. Below is a detailed picture of our food. Most was normal, but I couldn't get over the fact that they served me a boiled whole onion. To me this seemed rather bizarre.
Kyle enjoyed tolerated his meal, and our "neighbors" loved watching Sora eat everything!
Other festivities of the day included a water fight (assisted by firemen).
There were prizes involved which made very little sense to me when I was picturing a typical water fight in my head, but made much more sense when I realized they were shooting fire hoses at a common target, and was much more like tug of war.

 Sora, tired of the paparazzi.

 Sora and her new favorite doll, Marabelle. I made her yesterday for Sora from some old felted sweaters. She's kind of funny looking and has a giraffe neck, but Sora loves her.

The big draw for the day was the demolition derby. We watched for a while, and Sora was pretty into it until it started raining. We left just as the downpour began.
Tomorrow, there will be more festivities of course. So, if the weather is nice, look for more fun on the 45th.


Jeannette said...

Did Sora eat the onion?

Kyle said...

Of course. Although she preferred eating the tarter sauce by the spoonful and the weirdly sweet coleslaw. She doesn't like bread, which I thought was like a law of toddlerhood or something, but she ate everything else.