Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Week in Review

So, we did go to the parade last week, but of course didn't get any good pictures.

Instead, we have other pictures from our week for you. Maleah and Sora joined some friends at the NEW Zoo on Tuesday. Sora has been up and down about how much she likes animals, so I was surprised to see pictures of her actually feeding the sheep. She loved feeding the animals and chasing her friend around the zoo. This zoo also has 2 playgrounds which the girls both liked.

 Maleah and Sora were also busy this week with a day trip to a new (hopefully regular?) story time and other entertainment in a nearby town and they spent two days watching baby Walker, who is almost toddler Walker.

This weekend was the first of three consecutive Father Daughter weekends at camp. Sora loved watching all the girls, so we spent a lot of time walking around camp. She watched the girls playing capture the flag in the dark and joined them for a fun Father Daughter dance (we let Maleah come too). Here she is waiting in "jail" by the fire during the game.
 Saturday, while I worked, Maleah took Sora to the rummage sales. For you Washingtonians, this is the same as garage sales. Where we live, people are very into city or town wide rummage sales, so they went to a nearby town and spent the day looking at other people's junk. Sora thinks that these are the best, since Maleah usually just buys stuff for her - of the $11 she spent, $10.50 was for Sora. The only thing they were actually looking for was a tricycle, and the last place they looked they found one for $8. Sora was so excited.
She has been riding it all over camp and we are trying to figure out the best way to help push or pull her in some of the sandier and rockier areas of camp.

It seems like every week we are marveling over how much Sora is growing and learning. This week, she's really starting to remember things and be able to explain what has happened in the past. An example of this is when she swallowed a coin earlier today. She refuses to show us which kind it was, but I'm sure she could if she wanted to! She's also totally understanding what people are saying and following along. I took her to the campfire last night and we watched the girls doing skits. Sora was really quiet and listening, but would say (super loud) things and ask questions when everyone else was quiet. One skit involved a girl saying something about seeing a cow and Sora yelled "Where's the cow?". She's in a pretty fun stage and it's awesome to be along for the ride (most of the time).

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