Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sora's Camp

Sora and I try to stay at camp two or three days during the week. Since everything is at least 40 min. away, for the most part, being gone a lot leaves us both exhausted (plus uses a lot of gas). So, when we need a break from our indoor play and tot school, we go for a walk outside.

There are certain things at camp that Sora loves doing. Here are a few of her favorite.

Playing Ga Ga. It's a game like dodgeball minus the pain plus a little arena. Sora mostly just likes kicking the soccer ball around the tiny arena yelling "ga ga". She can also successfully climb in and out by herself.
 The "pit" near the dining hall has a little shed with hockey sticks and hockey balls and pucks. Sora loves playing with this, but mostly the balls are thrown with her hand, then she chases them with the stick.
 "Counting the letters". Every time we pass by this sign, she wants to stop and point out which letters she knows. She's just started recognizing numbers as well.
 "Catch something with a net". This is almost a daily request. She mostly catches weeds, pond scum, and snail shells. I can catch frogs, but neither of us have caught a turtle or fish yet. I doubt we will catch a fish, but Sora really wants to catch a turtle. I haven't seen many of them this fall, but hopefully we can catch one in the spring when they're so abundant.

There's also a tiny playground near Kyle's office that she likes playing on. She's working on getting onto the rope swing by herself.
She also loves watching the kids crossing the rope bridge and eating candy after dinner (neither of which she gets to do) and paddle boating (which we do together while Kyle is lifeguarding for all of the kids). Her other big obsession at camp is to feed the bunny. There is a camp bunny that lives in a hutch outside all summer. During the school year, in the past, he had been under the care of one of Kyle's staff members who passed away suddenly this summer. I have (foolishly?) volunteered to give the bunny a loving home this winter in our basement. He's neglected and not at all tamed, so we have a lot of work ahead of us, but Sora loves him and it's a convenient situation for us to have a pet without having to actually own a pet. Hopefully there will be pictures of the bunny snuggling with Sora in no time!

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