Monday, October 10, 2011

Adventures in Appleton

Kyle decided that we should have an impromptu weekend away in Appleton. What a great idea! It is supposedly 1.5 hours away, but it seemed much faster than that. Of course, we had so much fun that we forgot to take many pictures. You'll have to believe me when I say, for example, how amazing the YMCA was. They had a "splash pad" room which was a large glass room with random warm water spraying around and a slide (which Sora was too short for). Kyle and Sora played there for a while while I worked out. She loved running around counting the water spouts, and apparently counted one spot with 14 spouts perfectly multiple times. That's my little math lover! While Kyle worked out, Sora and I played in a giant McDonalds-like play structure. Sora was the only one there, so she had it all to herself. The adults locker rooms at the Y each had their own cardio room, weight room, sauna, hot tub, and lounge area complete with attendant. Not to mention, the Y had 3 pools. Shmancy indeed. We'll definitely be back another time. Sora equates the Y with swimming, so whenever we mention going, she gets crazy excited.

After the Y, we headed to the kid's museum. Sora is in love with kids museums (who isn't?) and in most of the stories she tells, she and Annie Ring (and sometimes Charlie and a few other kids she knows) head to the children's museum which is sometimes closed and sometimes open. Anyway, since there isn't one in Green Bay, Sora only gets to go on vacation. We remembered our camera to document all the fun we had.

The traveling exhibit was all about being eco-friendly. It was super cute! Sora enjoyed shopping at the farmer's market, washing a Smart car, and picking apples from the tree.
 She slid down the heart several times.
 Here she is dressing up like an earth saving super hero.
 Of course, washing dishes was her favorite, even with pretend water.
 Shopping at the faux Goodwill. Since she shops at thrift stores so regularly, I'm not sure there was much novelty in this for her.
Fireman Sora (for Uncle Rick)

Of course, she also loved the water table area, which was the one thing she chose to revisit before we left. It was a very cool museum overall, and again we will definitely be back.

After a quick swim in our hotel pool, we went to sushi for dinner, where Sora devoured every roll we gave her. Kyle wanted to check out a local brewery, so we had desert there while Kyle enjoyed some good beer. This morning, after our hotel breakfast, we hit the mall, the second largest mall in the state (although not that big in reality).

Appleton, we'll be back soon! And we'll be armed with our camera next time!

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