Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cranberry Fest

Last year, we never really ventured more than an hour away from our home in Wisconsin, and there were so many places we still haven't seen! This year, it's our resolution to go a little further occasionally to make sure we see it all before we head off on some other adventure in a few years. Our first long day trip was to Eagle River, about 2 hours north, for their annual cranberry festival. 
 The highlight for Sora was riding around in the yellow bus (first a shuttle, then a tour). One of her favorite songs is Yellow Bus by Justin Roberts.

She was also fairly attentive and very well behaved during the tour itself. It took way longer than I had anticipated, but it was pretty fascinating to see the cranberry bogs in harvest. Because we went on Sunday, they weren't actually harvesting, but there were 36 bogs in various stages of harvest so we got a pretty good sense of it all.

 Sora was even patient during the wine tour and tasting. It was the perfect winery for Maleah - all of their wines were semi-sweet or sweeter. We bought some cranberry wine for Thanksgiving.
 The rest of the festival was filled with arts and crafts and a flee market. There were some cranberry foods (although less than we expected). Here is Sora enjoying a cranberry brat.
We also stopped at a great toy store and got some Christmas shopping done. And we learned a lot of fun cranberry facts that we can spout off in the future to look very smart. Something to look forward to, should our next conversation with you involve cranberries!

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