Monday, October 24, 2011

Not too sick to play

So, our blog has been quiet this week which has pretty much reflected our life. Sora and I stayed home most days last week since the car was in the shop, and we had a very quiet weekend.  We did a lot of tot school last week, which I've been blogging about on my craft blog, to spare you the details of our boring daily life. Sora is currently obsessed with play dough and pulls it out of the tot school trays on an hourly basis. She has play dough scissors that she is in love with, as well as rotating cookie cutters.

This morning, Sora woke up with a nasty flemmy voice and breath and cough. She still had fun at her play date, of course, in true Sora fashion. Hopefully she'll be better soon, but it's sweet to see her on days like this when she just wants to be held. After dinner, we went to go watch the kids here at camp, and Sora chose to be in the carrier rather than walk or stroller. We haven't used the carrier since we came home from our vacation this summer! We walked around for a while and by 6:15, she was out cold. We put her to bed around 6:45, and she's still asleep. Poor sick kiddo!

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