Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sora the Conqueror

 One of the worst things about living in such a remote area for a worrisome mother, is that the nearest hospital is 45 minutes away (and I've heard lots of awful things!). On Monday night, Sora's battle royal with croup began full force. She was pretty happy during the day, but became super clingy in the evening. She ended up falling asleep in the carrier at 6:15. The fact that she wanted to be in the carrier at all was a pretty big giveaway that she was sick. Anyway, we listened to her breathing all night long from two rooms away and I was pretty worried. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I had diagnosed her with croup, but most of it said there wasn't much the doctor could do. I called for an appointment anyway, since we have a big trip that I don't want Sora to miss this weekend.

The doctor looked at her for a minute and confirmed that she had croup (I'm a genius). She was having such difficulty breathing that the doctor was on the fence about whether to send us to the hospital. I told her how far away we lived, and that helped her make a decision. Thus began Sora's first overnight hospital journey (and mine too) since she was born.

Sora was a champ! She had three nebulizer treatments, which she hated, but the rest was pretty easy breasy. She was already sounding way better by 9 p.m. Overall, I'm sure she would have recovered on her own eventually, but it was SOOO nice to go to the hospital and make her feel better almost instantly.

You can see in the picture that Sora's Clifford came with us. One of her biggest annoyances at the hospital, other than the nebulizer, was the light attached to her toe. She got to take it off to go potty, so she was going very very frequently!

I know that we are so super lucky that this is the sickest she's really ever been. I can't imagine being a mom who has to spend any more time in the hospital, and I am so glad that I have such a healthy kid!

Sora has watched a ton of videos over the past few days, probably more than ever before (put together)! I just discovered that you can stream Mr. Rogers, so Sora has met a new friend. She has also slept a lot, going to bed yesterday at 5 p.m., and taking several naps. She seems almost completely back to normal today, so it looks like our weekend trip is still on. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm glad Sora is better and you get to go on your trip. Have fun. Love ya grandma Barney