Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adventures in Lower Michigan

 Sora had an amazing rebound from croup and was well enough to travel across the lake with Maleah to visit with her cousins, aunt, uncle and Grandma and Papa D this weekend.

We drove three hours to Milwaukee to catch the Lake Express ferry. It moved very quickly across the lake, but it still took 2.5 hours to get from Milwaukee to Muskegan.

 Sora entertained herself pretty well with her games and videos on the iPod.
 She also took a nap - she still had a touch of illness this weekend and was pretty tired.
 We had a lot of fun running all over Holland with my parents and Kylie, Sora's oldest cousin. On Saturday, the girls all dressed up for Halloween after Kamryn's first birthday party.
 Instead of trick or treating (which was after we left in Holland and while we were gone in Wisconsin), we went to a nature preserve which was having a Halloween event. It was perfect for Sora since she didn't understand the concept of not eating every single piece of candy as soon as she got it. After the first mega meltdown, I realized it wasn't worth it and let her eat a portion of every candy (which was only about 5 tootsie rolls total).
 On Sunday, Sora and Kylie bounced their hearts out at the bounce planet. After their hour was up, they were both super hot and sweaty.
 Grandma D even joined in on the fun.
 We didn't carve any pumpkins since the girls are all too young, but it's a good thing. When we went to the grocery store on Sunday there was pretty slim pickings.
 The ferry we were scheduled to take back to Milwaukee was canceled due to high waves on the lake. Since it was the last ferry of the year, we ended up taking the train on Monday from Holland to Milwaukee. It was actually really pleasant!
 Sora decided every time the train whistled that she should stand on her head. She was in this position a lot of the trip.
 The "layover" in Chicago went very quickly. Sora was engrossed in her Jamba Juice and we got to see the Great Hall before getting on our next train.
The trip was short, but sweet. Just the right amount of time for a 2 and 4 year old to spent together while remaining mostly happy!

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